Psychiatrist Ahmedabad

Dr.Keyur Panchal : Psychiatrist in Ahmedabad | Sexologist | De-addiction therapist

             Dr.Keyur Panchal is psychiatrist in Ahmedabad and de addiction therapist.He completed his under- graduate studies at the B.J.Medical college,Civil hospital Ahmedabad.He completed his post - graduate training (DPM) in psychiatry from the N.H.L municipal medical college,Ahmedabad.He is also a registered member of Indian psychiatric society and Indian Medical association.

         His practice involves the diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of psychiatric disorders like depression,bipolar mood disorder,generalized anxiety disorder,acute stress disorder, schizophrenia,schizoaffective disorder,delusional disorder,obsessive compulsive disorder,panic disorder,somatoform disorders,pain disorders,tension type headache and other headaches,drug abuse (alcohol,cannabis,opium,nicotine,inhalants) etc. with a special interest in Bipolar mood disorderand Adult ADHD/ADD.He also provides treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders like dementia(Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia),Migraine and other headaches,behavioural and cognitive disturbances after brain injury.As a sexologist he also offers treatments for various psycho sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation,hypo active sexual desire disorder,sexual pain disorder and sexual addiction.

Our Holistic approach:

We believe in integrating nutrition, exercise, supplements,behavioral interventions,self help,psychological therapies and mindfulness into treatment apart from medications to establish a comprehensive management plan.

We prefer a conservative approach avoiding admissions,ECTs or other intense treatments(though few patients do require supervised intesive psychiatric care including ECTs).

Whenever appropriate we do suggest patients to seek psycho-therapeutic help also.

What's a psychiatrist?

Many people are unsure about what exactly psychiatrists do.
Psychiatrists are just like medical doctors who are trained into dealing with mental health disorders after their medical graduation(MBBS).They specialise in diagnosing and treating people with emotional,cognitive and behavioral disorders.
Psychiatrists are qualified to evaluate both the mental and physical aspects of psychological/emotional/behavioral disorders.
Psychiatrists help people with mental health disorders such as Anxiety,insomnia,schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder,OCD,psychosexual disorders and substance use disorders.

What to expect when you consult a psychiatrist?

Diagnosis and detailed evaluation is very important especially for complex mental health issues.Asking a family member or a friend is helpful to understand your life from a significant other's perspective.
After initial evaluation a management plan is deviced which often includes psychotherpay sessions apart from taking medications and other lifestyle modifications.

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