Psychiatrist Ahmedabad

De addiction Treatment Centre Ahmedabad

Drug and Alcohol de addiction treatment centre Ahmedabad
Our deaddiction treatment centre provides comprehensive treatment for all types of addictive disorders on both inpatient as well as outpatient basis.

Services offered:
  • Alcohol Dependence programme:for Alcoholism and Alcohol deaddiction treatment
  • Smoking cessation programme (for addictions of cigarrete,bidi,tobacco,gutakha,khaini)
  • Opioid replacement therapy (for opium,afeem,heroin,pethidine,brown sugar)
  • Cannabis deaddiction treatment (for marijuana,bhang,ganja,charas,hashish) 
  • Deaddiciton treatment from prescription medicines(sleeping pills,pain killers etc.)
  • Deaddiction from inhalant addiction (for paint thinner, nail polish remover,syntheticglue,petrolium products etc.)
  • Urine drug testing
  • Breath CO monitoring

Treatment consists of
  •  Assessment and evaluation
  •  Pharmacotherapy
  •  Individual Counseling
  •  Family Counseling
  •  Aftercare and relapse prevention
For further info visit our de addiction centre's website here.